How To Find A Lost USPS Tracking Number Without A Receipt?

I Lost the USPS tracking number, how to find it? If your search is related to this, then you can get the detailed information here. The tracking number is very important to track your products when they are delivered via postal services like USPS. Liteblue USPS is the reputed postal services agency in the United States of America. All around the world, it has many branches and also it offers the best quality services for its customers.

Without the tracking number, it is not possible to track the status of your package. Sometimes you will stop getting notifications once the package has been delivered to your local post office. At that time you need to use your tracking number i.e, enter your USPS tracking number on the “Track Package” page of the USPS website Here you can able to track all the details of your packages received from UPS as well as FedEx shippers.

If you lost your USPS tracking number, you need to wait until the product is delivered to you by the USPS delivery person or contact the USPS support team. There are few ways to find the lost tracking number. Now let us discuss the ways to find the lost tracking number in an easy way.

What Is The USPS Tracking Number?

The USPS i.e, United States Postal Service is a popular independent agency in the United States. It gives the best solution for the people to send and receive the products from there family and friends. You will get a tracking number for each and every product that you receive or sent.

This tracking number will help you to know the shipping details and the delivery status of your product when there is a delay in delivery. You can find this tracking number on your mail receipt that you have received from the USPS. You cant track your products when you lost your tracking Id. Now let us discuss the different ways to find the lost USPS tracking number.

How To Find Lost USPS Tracking Number?

In any case, if you missed or lost the tracking number of your USPS package, you need to wait until the USPS representative delivers it to you. This may take the time or sometimes your order may also bounce back. You can find the lost USPS tracking by following the below-given guidelines. Only the person who has either their mail receipt or the confirmation email received on dispatch can find their lost USPS tracking number by following the below steps.

  • First, check for the mail receipt which you have received from the post office. You can find the lost USPS tracking number on this receipt.
  • In case your tracking number is not available on the mail receipt, there is a second option to find it.
  • The second option is, if your bill is above $50, you will get any additional receipt for the package insurance. On the insurance slip, you can find the lost tracking number of your package.
  • There is one more possibility to find the lost tracking number i.e, you can use the confirmation email from to find the USPS tracking number
  • You will receive a confirmation mail for the stores when your order is shipped via USPS. You can also get the tracking number of your package from the confirmation mail from the stores.
  • In any case, if you have not received any confirmation mail of your products from the store, just contact the store and ask them for the tracking number.
  • If still you are facing a problem or unable to locate the USPS tracking number, immediately contact the USPS customer support team. You will get a solution to your problem.


It is better to note down or take a picture of your package tracking number to avoid yourself from these issues and to get your package safely and fastly. Stay tuned to liteblue for more informative articles. Feel free to share your quires and doubts in the comment box below.

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