USPS Hold Mail Service | How To Put Mail On Hold For Vacations

What is all about the USPS Hold Mail Service? USPS or United States Postal service is a reputed postal service in the United States. There are many users for the USPS services all around the world. Anyone can use the USPS services from anywhere to send and receive the products. Get detailed information on USPS services from our previous articles from our Liteblue Login site.

USPS services also allow you to Hold your mail temporarily i.e you can postpone the delivery date of your package. Sometimes it is not possible to collect your package on time because of many reasons like a vacation, business travel, hospital stays, etc. At this time you can use the USPS Hold Mail service and keep your mail on hold for a few days.

US Postal Service Mail Holding Service Online Request

Your package will be kept safe by USPS and it will be not delivered to anyone when you are away from your residence. Many of the will get attract to the USPS for its services like Hold Mail, change of address, collect your parcel before delivery, etc Let us now discuss in detail the USPS customer service Hold service Mail.

USPS Hold Mail Service

Hold Mail is one of the best features of USPS. Users of USPS can use this service when they are away from their place. Follow the below-given instructions carefully to submit your request to hold mail.

Step 1 – Decide when and for how long you want the USPS to hold your mail.

  • You can Hold your delivery for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 30 days.
  • After deciding the number of days to hold your delivery, assign a starting and ending date at the USPS Hold Mail option.
  • Your package will not be delivered in between these dates. It will be delivered before the starting date or after the ending date.

Step 2 – Choose a method for requesting the USPS Hold Mail

USPS Hold Mail request can be submitted in 3 ways i.e, Hold Mail online, in person, or over the phone. Check below for the USPS Hold Mail request procedure in different ways.

USPS Hold Mail Request Online

  • Visit the official website of USPS, then navigate to “Manage Your Mail” and select the “Hold Mail” option under it.
  • Here you need to enter the Zip code of your place. Click on “GO” after providing the postal code.
  • Only a few areas of the country are having the Hold Mail submission form online.
  • You will now take to the new page. Here you need to fill some details like your name, address, the beginning and ending dates to hold your mail.
  • After entering all the details, you need to choose a method for receiving the accumulated mail or hold mail.
  • You can collect your parcel from the post office directly after the holding period, for this you need to check the box to pick up mail at the post office.
  • If you don’t want to pick up collect your package from the USPS branch office just chose the carrier to deliver the accumulated mail at the ending date.
  • Finally, submit the USPS application form and take a print of the confirmation page. You need to enter the confirmation number to edit or cancel your USPS Hold Mail request.

USPS Hold Mail Request On Phone

  • Call the USPS customer service number from your mobile.
  • the preferred method for receiving the accumulated mail at the end date.
  • Finally, save your USPS Hold Mail confirmation number. Use this confirmation number in the future when you wish to change or cancel your hold mail request.

Hold Mail Request In-Person

  • Visit your nearest USPS post office during business hours.
  • Ask for PS form 8076 and fill it.
  • After filling it submit to the clerk at the front desk. You will be given a Hold Mail confirmation message, keep it safe for further usage.

You can use the USPS Hold Mail service in any of the following ways. Get the detailed guide of USPS services at Share your feedback and quires in the comment box below.

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