Liteblue USPS Contact Number

What is the USPS contact numbers? There are different contact numbers for the USPS postal services. You can contact this customer and can do things like, know the information about the international shipping, request for the address change, can complain against the customer service issues, know the reasons for the delay in delivery, track your products, etc.

USPS – the United States postal services is a well-known agency for United States citizens. This is a postal service that is used to send or receive the products from anyone and to anyone. It is a popular independent service by the United States federal government. It has many branches and all over the world which serves the best for the customers. Liteblue login for the usps employees is very important.

USPS – Contact PostalOne! Customer Care

Many of the postal service users prefer USPS because of its services. It will always deliver any product perfectly on time. If in case there is any problem with the delivery or any other, you can simply call the customer care number. They will let you know all the details of your products and will resolve all your issues with USPS services.

How To Call A Live Person In USPS Customer Service

Use the toll-free numbers of USPS to talk to the representative of the United States Postal Service. Check below for the list of the USPS contact numbers. Call to related USPS customer service number and get help in tracking packages and other questions.

  • First dial 1-800-222-1811 from your mobile. If this number doesn’t work then try 1-800-275-8777 or 1-800-ASK-USPS
  • Now you will hear an automated voice asking you to say the required option. Then say “Agent”.
  • After that, the automated voice will confirm if you really want to speak to an agent or not. Say “Yes” to confirm and proceed.
  • You can talk to the live representative only when you are called during office hours or else you will hear USPS customer service hours information and return to the main menu

When you called the USPS customer service number, you will hear the following as below. Hear it carefully and select the one you want to know

  • Thank you for calling The United States Postal Service Customer Care Center.
  • Press 1 to hear our privacy policy.
  • For Tracking or Redelivery or Case Look Up.
    1. For tracking say ‘Tracking’ or press 1.
    2. For Redelivery, say ‘Redelivery’ or press 2.
    3. For Case Lookup, say ‘Case’ or press 3.
  • For order stamps or check order status follow this
    1. To place a stamp order, say ’Order’ or press 1.
    2. For the status of an existing stamp order, say ‘Status’ or press 2.
    3. If you’re calling about issues with an order, say ‘Issues’ or press 3.
  • For Redelivery, change of address, hours and locations, hold mail, Pricing, or Zipcode
    1. For redelivery of your item, say ‘Redelivery’ or press 1.
    2. Zip code lookup, say ‘Zip’ or press 2.
    3. For Hours and locations of a Post Office, say ‘Hours’ or press 3.
    4. For Change of address, say ‘Change’ or press 4.
    5. For Hold mail service, say ‘Hold’ or press 5.
    6. For Mailing prices, say ‘Prices’ or press 6.
  • For Mail Delivery Issues follow the below
    1. For package delivery issues, say ‘Package’ or press 1.
    2. For issues regarding your mail carrier, say ‘Carrier’ or press 2.
  • For anything else you can follow this
    1. For passport, say ‘Passport’ or press 1.
    2. To order free shipping supplies, say ‘Supplies’ or press 2.
    3. For click and ship, my online account, PO Box online, Postal stores, online claims, or other technical support, say ‘Technical Support’ or press 3.
    4. For reporting criminal activity or vandalism to USPS property, say ‘Fraud’ or press 4.
    5. For Goal Post, Sure Money, or small business, say ‘Business’ or press 5.
  • Just say ” Main Menu ” to return to the main menu at any time.
  • The customer service hours are M-F – 8:00 am – 8:30 pm ET; Sat – 8:00 am – 6:00 pm ET; Sun/Holidays – Closed

Some More USPS Contact Numbers Are

  • Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST): 877-569-6614
  • Mail Tracking & Reporting : (800) 238-3150


You can also contact the USPS customer service on Twitter, Facebook, and Email. For more updates on USPS contact numbers and to know more about USPS services, just follow us at liteblue. Comment in the box below if you have any doubts regarding USPS.